Galileo Galilei And Isaac Newton–an overview

  Galileo Galilei (15 February 1564-8 January 1642) He is also known as Galileo, was born in Pisa, Italy. In the words of Stephen Hawking, “Galileo, perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern science.” Read more

Elementary Mechanics-Introduction

Elementary Mechanics-Introduction ELEMENTARY MECHANICS In our everyday life, we come across a wide variety of objects in motion. The branch of physics dealing with the motion of bodies and bodies at rest in equilibrium is called mechanics. We use the Read more

Discovery and development of atomic age

Discovery and development  1896 – Henri Becquerel notices that uranium gives off an unknown radiation which fogs photographic film. 1898 – Marie Curie discovers thorium gives off a similar radiation. She calls it radioactivity. 1903 – Ernest Rutherford begins to speak of the possibility of atomic energy. 1905 – Albert Einstein formulates the special theory of Read more

Wave Particle Duality

Wave-Particle Duality The photoelectric effect, Threshold Frequency, work function Laws of photoelectric emission Einstein’s Theory of Photoelectric Effect Bohr’s Postulates For the atomic model Bohr’s Correspondence Principle The Debroglie Hypothesis Difference Between Matter and EM waves Experiment Evidence for the Read more

Quantum Statistics

Quantum Statistics The Problem of Black Body Radiation Rayleigh’s Law Ideal Bose-Einstein Gas Bose-Einstein Distribution Function Ideal Fermi Dirac Gas Fermi-Dirac distribution function Fermi energy and Fermi Temperature Notes Prepared By

The Partition Function

The Partition Function The Partition Function of an ideal monoatomic gas Entropy Of An ideal Monoatomic Gas   Derivation of Entropy  And Pressure from Helmholtz Energy Gibbs Paradox   The Sachur-Tetrode Formula   Notes By  

Basic Concepts Of Statistical Mechanics

Description of a system in Equilibrium Boltzmann Relation Connecting Entropy And Probability   Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution   The Partition Function Maxwell’s Law of Distribution of Velocities   Relation Between U and Z   Relation Between F and Z Relation between P and Read more

Real Gases – Thermal Physics

Real Gases-Vander walls’ Equation of State Correction For Finite Size     Intermolecular Attraction Comparison With Experimental Results   Limitation For Vanderwalls Equation Of Real Gases   Other Equation Of State Berthelot’s Equation Dieterici’s Equation Saha and Bose Equation Prepared Read more

Brownian Analysis

Brownian Motion Mean Square Displacement Of Brownian Particle Theoretical Analysis of Brownian Motion Calculation Of D from Osmotic pressure Difference Langevin’s Analysis Determination Of Avagadro Number Prepared By