IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022


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IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022 

MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022 is an e-book for students who want to specialise in statistics. This completed assignment will allow you to assess your degree of preparation and will be extremely beneficial. All questions and concerns of PGDAST IGNOU Assignment have been addressed and clarified. As a result, students will comprehend the concepts of any question in the assignment.

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IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022

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Descriptive Statistics

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For June Examination 31st March 2022 or as per dates given in the Ignou website

For December Examination 30th September 2022 or as per dates given in the Ignou website


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IGNOU MST-002 Sample Solution 2022 

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IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022


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IGNOU MST-002 Assignment Question Paper 2022

(Descriptive Statistics) 

MST-002: Descriptive Statistics


Note: All questions are compulsory. Answer in your own words.

1. State whether the following statements are true or false and also give the reason in support of your answer:

(a)  If X1, X2, X3, …, Xn and Y1, Y2, Y3, …, Yn are the variate values of two variables X and Y, and their geometric means are G1and G2, respectively, then geometric mean of (xj/yi); i = 1, 2, … n will be (G1/G2).

(b)  If X and Y are two independent variables and the variables U = X+ Y and V= X –Y, then the ​\( r\left(U,V\right)=\frac{\sigma _x^2-\sigma \:_y^2}{\sigma \:_x^2+\sigma _y^2} \)

(c) If each value of X is divided by 2 and of Y is multiplied by 2, then b’YX will be same as b.

(d)  The mean and standard deviation of a set of values are 25 and 5, respectively. If a constant value 5

is added to each value, the coefficient of variation of the new set of values is equal to 10%.

(e)  If (A) = 90, (AB) = 40, N = 150 and (β) = 80 then (αβ) = 30.

2 (a) The numbers 3.2, 5.8, 7.9 and 4.5 have frequencies Y, (Y + 2), (Y – 3) and (Y + 6), respectively. If the arithmetic mean is 4.876, find the value of Y and write the whole series.

(b) The following is the distribution of age (in years) of 800 workers:

Age Group No. of Workers
20 – 25 50
25 – 30 70
30 – 35 100
35 – 40 180
40 – 45 150
45 – 50 120
50 – 55 70
55 – 60 60


Find (i) Median, (ii) Quartile Deviation, and (iii) Coefficient of Quartile Deviation. 

3 (a) The value of Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient of a set of non-repeating values was found to be 2/3. The sum of the squares of difference between the corresponding ranks was 55. Find the number of pairs.

(b) Calculate Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation between X and Y for the following data:

N = 12, ​​\( \sum _{n=0}^{12}\left(X\right)=120,\sum \:_{n=0}^{12}\left(Y\right)=130,\sum \:_{n=0}^{12}\left(Y-10\right)^2=200,\sum \:_{n=0}^{12}\left(X-8\right)\left(Y-10\right)=50 \)

4. (a) The following table shows the information as:

Statistical Measures Advertisement Expenditure (X) (Rs. Lakhs) Sales (Y) (Rs. Lakhs)
Mean 20 100
Standard Deviation 03 12


r(X, Y) = 0.8. Then find
(i) the expected advertising expenditure of the company if sale is Rs. 125 lakhs, and
(ii) the expected sales of the company if the advertising expenditure is Rs 32 lakhs. 

(b) Given the following data:
r12 = 0.8 , r13 = 0.6 and r23= 0.4 then find (i) r12.3 (ii) r13.2 (iii) r23.1 (iv) R1.23

5(a) An investigation of 23713 households was made in an urban and rural mixed locality. Of these 1618 were farmers, 2015 well to do and 770 families were having at least one graduate. Of these graduate families 335 were those of farmers and 428 were well to do; also 587 well to do families were those of farmers and out of them only 156 were having at least one graduate. Obtain all the ultimate class frequencies. 

(b) Can vaccination be regarded as a preventive measure for smallpox from the given data:
(i) Of 1482 persons in a locality exposed to smallpox, 368 in all were attacked, and
(ii) Of 1482 persons, 343 had been vaccinated and of these only 35 were attacked. 

6. (a) In a statistical study relating to the prices (in T) of two shares, X and Y, the following two regression lines were found as 8X – 10Y + 70 = 0 and 20X – 9Y – 65 = 0. The standard deviation of X = 3, then find (i) the values of X and Y, (ii) r(X, Y), and (iii) standard deviation of Y.

(b) Suppose X and Y are the two variables having the correlation coefficient 0.85. The following are the values they have:

10 40
30 30
50 70
60 80

If two new variables X’ and Y’ are obtained by adding 50 to each value of X and 100 to each value of Y, respectively, calculate the correlation coefficient between X’ and Y’ using the above data. Also compare the results. 

7. (a) 50% of items have characteristics A and B both, 35% have A, but not B, 25% have B but not A. Show that there must be some misprints in this report. 

(b) In the given data, two frequencies are missing and its mean is found to be 1.46.

No. of Accidents Frequencies
0 46
1 ?
2 ?
3 25
4 10
5 5
Total 200


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IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022

IGNOU MST-002 Solved Assignment 2022


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