LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021


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LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021 

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LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021 


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LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021 

LSE-03 Assignment Question Paper (Cell Biology) 

  1. With a suitable cross describe Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment.

  2. Briefly explain five types of chromosomal sex determination mechanisms citing one example of each.

  3. Distinguish between: 

    1. i)  Dominant and Recessive Epistasis.

    2. ii)  Complete and Incomplete Linkage.

  4. With the help of clear and labelled diagrams describe the four types of structural abnormalities that occur in chromosomes.

  5. What is polyploidy? Make a distinction between autopolyploidy and allopolyploidy. Explain their role in plant breeding by giving suitable examples.

  6. Elucidate the different control points of gene expression in organisms. Discuss most prevalent mode of control of gene expression in prokaryotes.

  7. Mention any two examples of oncogenic viruses. Make a flow-chart to show the steps involved in cellular transformation by a RNA tumor virus.

  8. How is the Ti plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens used in plant genetic engineering? Explain the process in detail.

  9. State the Hardy-Weinberg Law and discuss the conditions under which this is applicable.

  10. What is genetic counselling? How is the parental diagnosis of genetic disorders helpful in the improvement of human health?


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LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021

LSE-03 Solved Assignment 2021


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