MEG-02 Solved Assignment 2021


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MEG-02 Solved Assignment 2021 

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MEG-02 English Solved Assignment 2020-21

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British Drama

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MA(English) MEG




2020-2021 Course: MA(English) MEG



Submission Date

31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and  30th Sept 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session)


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MEG-02 Solved Assignment 2021 


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MEG-02 Solved Assignment 2021

Submission: 31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and 30th Sept, 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session).

British Drama

Question 1: Would you call the character of Dr. Faustus ‘heroic’? Give reasons for your answer.


Dr. Faustus’ Tragic History of Life and Death, or simply Dr. Faustus, is a drama composed by Christopher Marlowe in reaction to a German narrative known as Faust. It was composed between 1589 and 1592 and was available for reading between 1623 and 1593, when Marlowe died. Later in the Jacobean period, two modifications were spread. Around the time of the play’s preparations began, legends such as “real villains came on stage in a display of incredible affection for both the actors on screen and the viewer” surfaced, which allegedly shocked some viewers.

Marlowe lived at a turbulent time in Western Europe. New scientific discoveries have challenged long-held assumptions in the domains of space science and material science. The discovery of the United States fundamentally changed the beginnings of the world in Europe. During the Marlowe era, one of the most profound developments was England’s emotional ascension to political dominance.

England was a helpless and insecure country six years before the Marlowe World began in 1558. Protestant Reformation had little impact on this heinous and barbaric behaviour. However, human brains remained charmed, and well-known ancient legends maintained a balance of generosity and scepticism regarding the existence of magic. The grant’s origins were likewise a mystery, particularly in the post-Renaissance period. The researchers investigated subjects such as socks, speculative chemistry, and demonology, none of which are considered rational by modern standards. Several of these topics have aided in distinguishing between a worthy pursuit of knowledge and a perilous apostasy. Marlowe was born during a period of rapid upheaval in Western Europe.

New scientific discoveries have exposed long-held assumptions in the domains of space science and material science. America’s discovery impacted the trajectory of European history. The most significant change during the Marlowe age was England’s emotional ascension to political dominance. England was a helpless and insecure country six years before to the commencement of the Marlowe World in 1558. Throughout Europe, pre-Christian religion frameworks had elements of magic and pleasure. Historically, delicacy was closely connected to people’s prescription medications. Women utilised a combination of magical medicine and natural medicine to cure common illnesses.

On the other side, practitioners of enchantment have fallen out of favour as Christianity grows and absorbs or rejects other religions. In the fifth century BC, St. Augustine, arguably St. Paul’s most convincing Christian master, defined witchcraft in order to distinguish it from the tremendous appeal of Christian rites.

MEG-02 Assignment Question Paper

1. Would you call the character of Dr. Faustus ‘heroic’? Give reasons for your answer.
2. Discuss the play within the play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
3. What is the importance of Hamlet’s soliloquies in the play?
4. Can The Alchemist be considered an allegory? Give a reasoned answer.
5. Can Eliza in Pygmalion be termed as feminist? Elaborate.
6. What are the comic strategies used in The Playboy of the Western World?
7. Discuss Murder in the Cathedral as a poetic drama.
8. Comment on the title of Look Back in Anger. 
9. Discuss Waiting for Godot from the perspective of the theatre of the Absurd.
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