MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

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MEG-06 English Solved Assignment 2021-22

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American Literature

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MA(English) MEG




2021-2022 Course: MA(English) MEG



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31st March 2022(if enrolled in the July 2021 Session) and  30th Sept 2022 (if enrolled in the January 2022 session)


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MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

Submission: 31st March 2022(if enrolled in the July 2021 Session) and 30th Sept, 2022 (if enrolled in the January 2022 session).

 American Literature

Question:- 01 Comment on the theme of Wallace Steven’s poem ‘The Emperor of Ice-Cream.’


As a symbol of life and death, “The Emperor of Ice-Cream” The poem portrays death as part of life, and the author says the onlookers see this. This poem is split into two stanzas of equal length. While the speaker calls for a burly man to whip the ice cream in kitchen cups, the first verse does not convey the primary concept. Girls visit in daily clothing, while boys come bearing flowers wrapped in a newspaper from last month.

The second stanza again begins with a demand, this time regarding a sheet that was embroidered with birds and was to be used to cover the head of an elderly woman who had died. He believes that the woman is died, as the robe doesn’t cover her feet, leaving her motionless and chilly. The speaker orders that the lamp be repaired beside the deceased corpse. Under the lamp’s glow, he rephrases his remarks and advocates the supremacy of the king of ice cream. All these specific features imply that death is no different from any other occurrence.

“The Emperor of Ice-Cream”: Major Themes This poem’s main topics are transience and acceptance of death. The poem shows how the people are surrounding the dead body and also shows the situation of the elderly woman after death. Rather of lamenting her passing, others are offering ice cream to celebrate it. The clothing of the woman is also torn and stained. Instead, the dead woman is covered with a dirty sheet. He draws an analogy between death and ice cream while conveying the point that a person should control his own life before it melts away.

The Emperor of Ice Cream Themes

Existence and Non-existence

The fundamental contrast in the poem is the closeness of life and death, activity and stagnation, and the possibility of death as opposed to the powerlessness of existence. Though he is not the first poet to propose that we may better appreciate life by contrasting it with death, Stevens’s “The Emperor of Ice-Cream” is unlike other romantic poets, in that it offers a realistic portrayal of life’s vulgar and clumsy energies. The speaker of the poem seems to find acceptance by concluding that we must view life for what it is. From a 1951 letter, Stevens says the “final fact is not death but existence, as it is, without any pretences.”

The ordinary things

Objects such as ice cream, flowers in the newspaper, dresser knobs, an embroidered sheet, and a light are given significant emphasis in the poem. It says that we may get insights into life by studying commonplace objects as evidence of the lives of the people who used them. “The aim of [“The Emperor of Ice-Cream”],” Stevens said in a letter, “is to isolate and clarify the ordinary.” Poems often contain items, both living and dead, that are related to each other, and the poem suggests that we may understand reality by breaking it down to a fundamental set of physical components.


The ages of the kitchen staff are uncertain, but they appear energetic and full of life compared to the woman on the slab. By showing kids waiting for ice cream, Stevens shows that their careless sensuality holds the essence of life and makes death seem even more unattractive.

Sensual Desire

The “concupiscent curds” in the poem’s funeral setting aren’t the only instances of lust and want, but they exist in other places as well. The dialogue in this scene conveys how the people seem, and enhances the sexual tension present in the kitchen between the muscular guy, the prostitutes, and the lads. Life without any illusion is suddenly shown as having these energies as their foundation, therefore we notice them in their starkness when we evaluate our existence frankly.

Duration of time

Time passes in the poem with mentions of “last month’s newspapers” and the old dresser with knobs that its owner never replaced. The poem’s timeframe, albeit short, is still placed in the greater flow of time by these elements. The documents, which are already out of date, serve as evidence that time is passing, and that young love, like that which the guys could be after, is temporary and full of missed opportunities. In addition to being a symbol of the failure of time to complete a life’s work, the woman’s dresser represents all the mundane things life includes that are waiting to be done before we’re done with life. So, return to the ice cream celebration to celebrate life.

MEG-06 Assignment Question Paper

1. Comment on the theme of Wallace Steven’s poem ‘The Emperor of Ice-Cream.’
2. Discuss the narrative structure in Huckleberry Finn.
3. Attempt a comparative reading of ‘A Clean Well-lighted Place’ and ‘The Bear’.
4. Discuss The Scarlet Letter as a romance novel.
5. How is nature presented in Whiteman’s Poetry. Discuss.
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MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

MEG-06 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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