MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

Title Name

MEG-07 English Solved Assignment 2021-22

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Indian English Literature

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MA(English) MEG




2021-2022 Course: MA(English) MEG



Submission Date

31st March 2022(if enrolled in the July 2021 Session) and  30th Sept 2022 (if enrolled in the January 2022 session)


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

Submission: 31st March 2022(if enrolled in the July 2021 Session) and 30th Sept, 2022 (if enrolled in the January 2022 session).

 Indian English Literature

  1. Write short note on:
  1.  Forms of Hind Swaraj
  2.  Women in Kanthapura
  3.  The Harikatha Element
  4.  The Title of Midnight’s Children
  5.  Roopa’s role in Tara


Answer:                      a) Forms of Hind Swaraj

Hind Swaraj is structured as a conversation between an Editor and a Reader. Gandhi is the Editor, and the Reader is a prototype of the sort of furious, young guy Gandhi encountered in London and sought to reform. Gandhi writes in a dialogic style in order to create a book that “may be placed in the hands of a kid.” Indeed, Gandhi’s style was defined by this deliberate simplicity, not only in his writing, but in everything he accomplished in life.

Gandhi embodied the straight and simple style; in many respects, he was a minimalist, eschewing excess, superfluous adornment, and superfluous complication. Gandhi demystified complex subjects and concepts by speaking in the vernacular of common men and women. In that regard, he was an outstanding communicator.Gandhi, despite his unflinching innovation, was nevertheless a traditionalist. At the same time, the conversation form evokes both Upanishadic and Socratic traditions. Thus, Gandhi used a tried-and-true method for conveying his views.

Answer:                      b) Women in Kanthapura

In India and other patriarchal cultures, the woman is a sign of weakness. She is intended to live a life of misery and reliance. Our society has denied her the right to stay free and independent, as well as the ability to act independently.

She is seen as a commanding monster. She is transformed from a tangible person into a cultural symbol. Prior to the twentieth century, female emancipation was severely prohibited in the Indian subcontinent.Educating a female was regarded as a sin. Her sole responsibility was to manage her household and stay reliant on her husband.

However, with the advent of western education, the culture witnessed several transformations, and eventually, attitudes about women shifted as well. Toward the close of the nineteenth century, numerous social reformers and thinkers attempted to elevate and liberate women.Various initiatives such as widow remarriage, prohibition of child marriage, and prohibition of the dowry system were brought into society, all of which contributed to the advancement of women to a certain extent.

Women Take the Lead

Women play a significant part in Kanthapura book. They are more active than males. Thus, the lady is inextricably linked to the narrative.His choice of the elderly woman, Achakka, as narrator demonstrates his desire for the work to be told from a female perspective. This is a very uncommon case in which history is viewed through the eyes of a woman rather than through the eyes of analytical power—the male perspective.

MEG-07 Assignment Question Paper

1. Write short note on:
a) Forms of Hind Swaraj
b) Women in Kanthapura
c) The Harikatha Element
d) The Title of Midnight’s Children
e) Roopa’s role in Tara
2. Discuss Raja Rao’s novel Kanthapura as a novel written in the Gandhian spirit. 
3. What are the major issues in the poetry of Sri Aurobindo? 
4. Discuss the personalities of Bim and Tara as depicted in Clear Light of Day.
5. Discuss Amitav Ghosh as a writer of travelogues.
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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021-2022


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