MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021 

Title Name

MEG-07 English Solved Assignment 2020-21

Subject Name

Indian English Literature

No.of Pages in Solution



MA(English) MEG




2020-2021 Course: MA(English) MEG



Submission Date

31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and  30th Sept 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session)


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021 


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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021

Submission: 31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and 30th Sept, 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session).

Indian English Literature

Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Write short note on: a) Forms and varieties of prose.

Prose is a literary term that refers to any written work that adheres to a fundamental grammatical framework (think words and phrases arranged into sentences and paragraphs). This is in contrast to works of poetry with a metrical framework (think lines and stanzas). Prose is a style of writing that adheres to the natural patterns inherent in daily speech. A poem is distinguished by a metre or organisational structure that transcends the grammar of the written language.Numerous languages make use of rhyme and alliteration, as well as alternating long and short syllables, stressed and unstressed syllables, and stressed and unstressed syllables. Other traditions, such as Biblical Hebrew poetry, may organise poetry on grammatical repeats and analogies.

Prose is classified into the following categories: • Nonfictional Prose – this category includes biographies, essays, diaries, letters, and memoirs.

  • Fictional Prose – this category include novels, novellas, and short tales.
  • Heroic Prose – this category covers legends, stories, and so forth.
  • Prose Poetry – it focuses on emotions and pictures, but its works are written in prose rather than poetry.

Style is a literary aspect that includes the author’s choice of words, sentence structure, and use of metaphorical language. All of these components contribute to the text’s atmosphere, picture, or message. Thus, style refers to the manner in which an author represents certain ideas, messages, events, places, or characters in a book.

Prose has a variety of styles, and diverse authors employ a variety of styles (formal, informal, journalistic, etc.). Frequently, they combine many styles. However, prose may be divided into two distinct styles: common and cheap. The most common style is straightforward, unambiguous, powerful, and direct. It is often regarded as a desirable style. By comparison, a cheap style is one that is typically marked by excessive ornamentation, word misuse, exaggerations, vulgarisms, and sloppy sentences (Boulton 83). It is deemed impolite.

Fictional prose is a form of language that is partially or entirely imagined, depicting fictitious events or characters. Novels, short tales, and other forms of fictional prose are frequently used.Nonfictional prose is a form of prose that is mostly based on reality, however it may contain certain elements of fiction. Nonfictional literary works include the essay and biography.

  1. b) Importance of Hind Swaraj

HIND SWARAJ, the title of Mahatma Gandhi’s first definitive work, which continues to arouse worldwide critical attention, literally translates as “Indian self-rule.” Hind Swaraj provides the broad dimensions of an alternate civilization as a new civilisational framework in its simplest form. He describes it as “the pattern of action that brings a man to a sense of obligation.” He continues by asserting that moral action is only a matter of “thought control.”

He felt that India’s old civilisation was a real civilization. The Union’s core beliefs include limits on self-indulgence in terms of luxury and pleasure, an emphasis on ancestral vocations and rural life, a prohibition on needless competition, a preference for modest technologies, and decentralised policy.

Another key concept he introduces in Hind Swaraj is the concept of Indian patriotism as a composite. In Hind Swaraj, he argues that Indian individuals formed a country long before the British arrived. Prior to then, the Mohammedans’ plight had had little influence on India’s existence as a country. Meanwhile, he maintains that India cannot cease to be a country simply because people of many religions dwell here. Individuals with varying rigid foundations would continue to create one country as long as they maintained the principle of non-impedance in the religions of the other.

Meanwhile, he gives an extremely crucial expression: ‘If Hindus believe that India should be populated only by Hindus, they are living in lala land. Hindus, Muslims, Parsees, and Christians who have made India their homeland are all individual comrades who should live in harmony if only for their own sake. In no part of the globe, nor has it ever been in India, are one nationality and one religion identical concepts.

MEG-07 Assignment Question Paper

1. Write short note on:
a) Forms and varieties of prose.
b) Importance of Hind Swaraj.
c) Nehru’s prose style in his Autobiography.
d) Gandhi’s thought and its impact on Kanthapura.
e) Role of Bakul
2. Discuss the structure of Midnight children.
3. Critically examine the ending of Mulk Raj Anand’s novel Untouchable.
4. Compare and analyse the two poems, ‘The Old Woman’ and Indian Dancers’.
5. How does Mahesh Dattani treat the issue of Gender in Tara ? Discuss.
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MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021

MEG-07 Solved Assignment 2021


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