MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021


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MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021 

Title Name

MEG-08 English Solved Assignment 2020-21

Subject Name

New Literatures in English

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MA(English) MEG




2020-2021 Course: MA(English) MEG



Submission Date

31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and  30th Sept 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session)


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MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021 


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MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021

Submission: 31st March 2021(if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and 30th Sept, 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session).

New Literatures in English

Question 1:Do you think ‘New Literatures in English is a more appropriate term than ‘Commonwealth Literatures’? Give reasons for your answer.


The sheer volume of titles shows the rising worldwide significance of such literature, as demonstrated by this month’s London Festival of Commonwealth Literature, which featured writers from all over the world. They might include Michael Ondaatje, the Sri Lankan-Canadian author of “The English Patient,” the novel that served as the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning picture. This is an important milestone since many institutions worldwide now offer Commonwealth Literature degrees or something like, and academics appear to be publishing at the same rate as fiction authors, poets, and dramatists.

The phrase “Commonwealth literature” has a range of connotations. The historical, geographical, political, and linguistic consequences all support and dispute its categorization as a separate body of literary production. The historical reality of British colonisation, as well as the linguistic reality of English as a mother tongue or official language, do not entail participation in the Commonwealth as a political entity or in the body of Commonwealth literature. Perhaps the most notable example in this respect is the United States.

Ireland is another example. As a result of the commonalities, overarching themes and subject matter similarities have evolved, as well as technological methods and development patterns. In several Commonwealth works, slavery, voluntary or forced migration, and colonialism all result in physical and psychic displacement. In India, Malaysia, and Singapore, literary artists have concentrated on the process and aftermath of colonialism, whereas settler colonies such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have concentrated on the problematic nature of their connection with Britain as the “mother nation.” One significant characteristic of so-called Commonwealth literature is that it is often created in one location by residents of another.Unlike previous generations of writers, many modern authors have opted to reside in Canada or the United States. Along with the Indian/Asian diaspora, a sizable portion of the West Indian, or Caribbean, diaspora (which is itself a subset of the African diaspora) has settled in Canada.Rohinton Mistry, Cyril Dabydeen, Michael Ondaatje, Olive Senior, and Neil Bissoondath are just a few globally renowned writers from outside Canada.Many of these writers’ forefathers and mothers were also sprung from immigration from other colonies.

As a result, a recurring theme in their literature is displacement. However, this trait is not exclusive to Commonwealth writing; African-American and indigenous American authors also discuss relocation. Perhaps the only thing that Commonwealth Literature has in common is the English language, yet it is English with a twist. For example, in a Caribbean short tale, the narrative may be written in ‘Queen’s English’ while the dialogue is written in Creole. The same is true for African and Indian literature, which include local terms without translation.

Complicating matters, however, is the fact that many writers in Commonwealth nations have chosen to write in languages other than English, either to make a political statement or to communicate with others who do not know the language. Perhaps, in the end, the phrase ‘Commonwealth Literature’ serves simply to promote the writing of individuals who would otherwise go unnoticed.

A portion of the London Festival will be devoted to honouring writers from four continents: Africa, the Caribbean/Canada, Eurasia, and Southeast Asia/South Pacific. The reward is named the ‘Commonwealth Writers Prize,’ and it is a good guarantee that no author — Indian, Caribbean, British, or African — would quibble with the title when they get the check.

MEG-08 Assignment Question Paper

1. Do you think ‘New Literatures in English’ is a more appropriate term than ‘Commonwealth Literatures’? Give reasons for your answer.
2. A Grain of Wheat clearly expresses Ngugi’s views about British colonial rule in Kenya. Do you agree? Give a reasoned answer.
3. Is Wole Soyinka making a political statement through his play A Dance of the Forests? Discuss with reference to the play.
4. Analyze Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy Man as a novel of Partition.
5. Examine Naipaul’s A House for Mr. Biswas as a diasporic novel.
6. Compare and contrast Brathwaite’s analysis of Jamaican society in “Wings of a Dove” with Walcott’s views on Trinidadian society in “The Spoiler’s Return.”
7. How does the poem “Dan is the Man” subvert and debunk the tools of colonial education?
8. Does Patrick White use myths and symbols convincingly in The Solid Mandala? Explain with examples from the text.
9. Attempt a detailed character sketch of Hager Shipley in the novel The Stone Angel.
10. There is a close relationship between language and culture. Do you agree? Base your answer on your knowledge of African literature.
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MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021

MEG-08 Solved Assignment 2021


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