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Video Class Description

Total Number of Videos 25
Time Length Approx. 30 hours
Language Hindi + English
Course MTE-06 Online Class or Abstract Algebra Class


Sample Video Classes

MTE-06 Class-01

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MTE-06 Class-02

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What will you learn?

  • It is divided into four components for this second-level course. In this course, we learn about groups, rings, and fields, among other things. During the first two blocks of the course, you will learn about group theory, and the latter two blocks will teach you rings and fields.
  • As you progress through the course, you will encounter a range of different approaches to abstract algebra. By the end of this chapter, you will see how valuable these approaches are for swiftly and simply analysing the structure of a large number of algebraic systems at the same time.
  • What you learn in this subject will be useful to physicists, chemists, and mathematicians, among other fields.We strongly advise that you get familiar with the ideas of linear algebra before commencing this course, since we will be drawing on a large number of examples from that topic throughout the course. In addition, some ideas from Block 1 of the Linear Algebra course were introduced into the last unit of this course.

Material Includes

  • Class Notes/Study Material
  • Important Questions Collection with Complete Solution
  • Doubts Solution 


MTE-06 Syllabus


Block 1: Elementary Group Theory Block 2: Some More Group Theory
Unit-01 (Sets and Functions) Unit-05 (Normal Subgroups)
Unit-02 (Groups) Unit-06 (Group Homomorphisms)  
Unit-03 (Subgroups) Unit:07 (Permutation Groups)
Unit-04 (Lagrange’s Theorem) Unit:-08 (Finite Groups)


Block 3: Elementary Ring Theory Block 4: Integral Domains and Fields
Unit:09 (Rings) Unit:12 (The Basics)
Unit:10 (Subrings and Ideals) Unit:13 (Polynomial Rings)
Unit:11 (Ring Homomorphisms) Unit:14 (Special Integral Domains)
  Unit:15 (Irreducibility and Field Extensions)


MTE-06 Previous Year Question Papers

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